What customers have said. . .

I'm a John Ellsworth customer (Sagittarius aka "Beach Glow") and hope to acquire more prints. Guests love the four-people-on-the-beach photo and assume the print I have is my family until I explain the real work that went into creating it. I try to collect family members (we have some in Northport) to view Ellsworth showings -- one reason is, all the photos are so good you want to see them all. —I'm a former magazine editor who dealt with tons of photography and it's truly refreshing to see such realism and detail in seemingly simple manmade things out in the natural world. John's work serves as a reminder that, not too long ago, people worked with their hands. (Sagittarius blog entries one and two ) —Ken McGorry, Westhampton Beach, NY

"I can't thank you enough for extending such a tremendous courtesy to us. I personally fell in love with Visitor in Red as soon as I saw it. I don't know if it's the red of the tug against the snow or the peaceful power that it symbolizes similar to the town of Northport itself. Please take all the time you need. We have already cleared a wall to make it the showcase of the room." —Ryan Webster, Centerport, NY

"I received your artful image (Huntington Light) on Monday afternoon. . . . I'm very pleased with your work — the tranquil, reflective mood; the use of B&W to draw out historical considerations and to elevate the work to a finer level; and by your letting selective color show through to give the work 'visual punch,' so to speak. The work will be a conversation piece in my home, as I grew up in Huntington Bay and used to go to Bay Crest beach from which you can see the lighthouse." —William Hooper, New Hope, PA

"First, what a pleasure it was chatting with you at the show in Montauk this past weekend. We absolutely love the canvas (Lures) and can't decide just where to hang it yet — it looks great in a few spots!" —Steve & Debbie Handelsman, Harrison, NY

"Love the picture (Grazing)! Thanks a lot. I also appreciate the information included on the back of how and when you took the photo, etc. It adds to the lore of the photograph. Keep taking such beautiful scenery. I get so much pleasure from looking at the other two photos I have — Taking a Moment and Islands Afar." —Jane Kraus, Central Islip, NY