About John

I’ve always been curious as to why and how a work of art—whether it be writing, photography, painting, sculpture, music, etc—moves one. So, in graduate school (Queens College of CUNY and Teachers Colllege of Columbia University), I enrolled in several courses that dealt with aesthetics—film as art, aesthetics of communication, aesthetics in education, experimental photography, literary criticism, history of photography, and several others. Despite the courses and practicing one of the arts, I don't think I'll ever fully understand the magic of art—whether as a viewer, reader, listener, or as an artist.

I’ve been photographing since I was young. It’s only in the latter part of my life that I have been pursuing artistic aspects of photography.

My photos appear in several publications as well as various Long Island fine-art shows and galleries where I have won several awards.

Before engaging photography as art, I taught communications full-time at Nassau Community College, I was a writer-photographer for the Maryland Department of Transportation, a multi-media program designer at Queens College, and a writer-photographer for Pan American Airways. For three summers during my teaching employment, I taught sailing as an island skipper for Sail Caribbean Voyages. I also sailed to Central America one winter, traveled to Spain a few times, and freelance wrote for boating magazines.

Artist's Statement

I aim to photograph strong compositions that emphasize light, shadow, water, and often reflection as a visual form. I hope to evoke a figurative response in the viewer.

I’m attracted to the appearance and concept of water. It’s turbulent and strong; it’s peaceful and reflective; and it’s common and humble—always seeking the lowest levels.

I also like windows and doors as subjects, in terms of what lies beyond or in front of them, as that which is reflected. They provide a visual sense of multi-layers that seem to take us through, or in the case of a reflection, back. Either way, there’s an added dimension.

When I produce a print, I try to replicate what I saw and felt when I clicked the shutter. Sometimes it works. I know it has when a framed piece still evokes a sense of resonance after several years.

The gallery on this site provides a look at my work.

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